Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

Development of analytical paragraphs

Paragraphs in the analytical development is described a method to describe the nature or circumstances of its parts, then the parts are sought relation to one another logically. Development of analytical paragraphs are widely used in:a. Writing arguments: to prove a theses or propositionsb. Writing exposition: to present facts or ideas.
Development of analytical paragaraf divided into four forms, namely:1. Development of analytical paragraphs by example2. Development of analytical paragraphs by giving a definition3. Development of analytical paragraphs with cause-effect (causality)4. Development of analytical paragraphs with comparison

Development of a chronological narrative paragraphs

This paragraph is told of an event or events experienced by a person or group of people, for example: the experience of people struggling to preserve the environment, flood events that destroy crops, and drought events that befall farmers.

This paragraph is useful to increase knowledge of the reader and provide suggestions to him by providing clear and able to evoke emotion. Therefore, it is hoped the reader will feel attracted to follow the story as a whole.
Authors can start from the middle or end of an event, then followed by a section in front of him, but this paragraph will be more effective if developed in chronological order from the beginning, because it can help generate interest the reader to follow the events from beginning to end. Placed the topic sentence at the end of the paragraph so as to maintain reader's interest in following the series of events to a climax at the end of the paragraph.
To further explain the information and evoke emotion reader, this paragraph will need to use varied sentence forms, both on long and short of its structure. In this case you can use sentence fragments, single sentences, compound sentences, and combinations of them.Factors that could support the sentence to make it more meaningful and expressive nature, especially in sentences that describe situations in the climax, among others:a. Use active verbs that strong pressureb. Use of time information that can describe the time sequencec. Use the same verb for some time.

Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

Chronological paragraph development process

Development of this paragraph describes a process activity, such as how to make out, how participatory extension, and how to mobilize farmer groups. Placement of topic sentences at the beginning of a paragraph in order to assist authors in controlling the basic idea, so that development leads to the achievement of the paragraph remains a unity of purpose (unity). Paragraph consists of sentences that are arranged in a logical sequence, and the sentence one must relate to the next sentence, which retains the properties of coherent paragraphs.

To avoid that movement from one sentence to another sentence does not feel stiff / awkward, it would require a transition word or phrase liaison, tetapiu its use should not be excessive.

Development Chronology paragraph

Development of a paragraph in chronological order is a paragraph that describes a sequence of events according to the stage of time, ranging from the earliest times until the very last time. Stage by stage of an event are clearly described so easily captured by the reader.

Development of this paragraph is used for description and narrative writing. Chronological paragraph development can be divided into: (1) paragraph chronological development process and (2) development of a chronological narrative paragraphs.